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Get an exclusive sneak peek of the FAA 107 Video Training Course with 3 free videos! You’ll get:

​​3 Free Video Lessons – An Introduction to the FAA 107 Prep Course, The History of Drones, and The FAA 107 Exam Overview

3 Free Drone Resources (PDF Reports) – The Top 5 Ways To Build A Profitable Drone Business, The Drone Pre-Flight Checklist And Flight Log, and Recommended Commercial Flight Apps

8 Free FAA 107 Resources (PDF Reports) – The FAA 107 Regulation Cheat Sheet, What to Expect Taking Your FAA 107 Test, FAA Part 107 Practice Test, The Official FAA Reference Book, How to Register For Your FAA 107 Exam, How To Submit Your Exam to the FAA, How To Get A Free Drone After You Pass, How To Turn Your Drone Into Big Profit, FAA 107 Bonus Airspace Reference Guide

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