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From San Diego (April 21-23)

From Houston (March 10-12)

I was really uncertain about attending the event based on the marketing hype I’d seen. After the first hour on the first day, I knew I made the right decision. The information was very very valuable and I feel really confident about starting my Drone business. – Brett Stenner

Damon was GREAT. I loved him. His background and perspective were beyond my expectations. His love for what he is doing was very evident. Diego’s training was over the top. So much value is given for just the price of admission. What I loved was how much value was transmitted during the 3 days. I’ve been a business owner for 30 years and involved with direct marketing. I learned more in 3 days than in the past 30 years! I now have everything I need for a successful Drone business. – Bruce Christensen

Excellent presentation. Damon and Diego are very dynamic speakers and keep people engaged throughout the training. Learning all about the different opportunities with a drone was a real eye opener. This is a Must attend event. I was surprised how much great information was put out on the marketing and setting up your drone business. Learning all the verticals and exactly how to market to them was priceless. – Chris Sorensen

This is the second time I have attended this event. I Liked it so much the 1st time I brought my son with me this time. Seems so much better the 2nd time. – David Silver

What I liked best about the event was the Marketing and the formula presented to get a Drone business going. – Gary Loyd

I really enjoyed learning about the specific Drone marketing. – Gary Wells

What I loved the most was the extreme education in drones and marketing. The whole experience and people were great! – Kevin Bangart

This is the smartest investment in your personal education EVER. The marketing you learn is proven to sell your Drone services…heck any service. Anyone remotely interested in making money in the drone industry MUST ATTEND THIS!. – James Goldsmith

The event was great. The marketing strategies supplied alone were worth 10 times the cost. The hosts are very friendly and supportive. – Jordan Montgomery

This 3 day event exceeded my expectations and was a great learning opportunity. – Leon Scamahorn

I was most impressed with the extensive knowledge of “Smart” Marketing. – Lyman Foulkes

This event gave me the confidence and skills to fly and start my own successful Drone business despite never having alone a Drone. Or starting a business before. What impressed me the most at the event was how genuinely nice and helpful everyone was. – Michaela Wuelfing

I liked Diego’s presentations about the marketing which changed my beliefs of effective marketing. – Mike Mann

This is the most awesome event I have every attended for the price. What I liked the most was how informative everything was! – Paul Wilms

Get over your excuses! Pay the fee, it is the best leap you will ever take! – Reuben Kynaston

What I liked most about the event was how well organized, concise and friendly the event and staff were. – Robert Welch

This was an exciting opportunity and the first business seminar I’ve attended, where I didn’t feel like they just wanted to separate me from my money. THANK YOU! – Steve O Flaherty

What I liked the best was learning more about the Drone industry and the amazing marketing opportunities. – Win Maynard

If you have any bit of interest in Drones, photography, Realestate, or any of the endless opportunities that this booming industry offers, then you must attend. For me, the most important thing is making money doing what you enjoy doing, and if it is anything Drone related you will learn everything and more on just how to to that. I highly recommend this event. JUST DO IT! – Adam Heiden

With the information provided at Drone Command Live, you receive so much more value than what you paid to get it. If you like to fly Drones, or if you are having trouble in business then I would fly around the world to come to get the information I got here. Thank you Drone Command Live and Sky Eye Network! – Adam Kingston

If you want to learn about every thing drones, you must attend the Drone Command Live Seminar. You learn about Drones themselves, how to fly and how to make a real business with Drones. – Billy Knorpp

Thank you Drone Command Live for all the great info, tools and confidence to be able to strike out and start my own Drone business. The skies the limit and now I have a vehicle to take me there. – Brice Johnson

Yes, Drone Command Live has been an amazing experience and a very informative one. Damon and Diego are great! They answered a lot of questions and helped even more. – Bryant Corbridge

The information and instruction, the hands-on flight time, and the atmosphere. I felt like a member of the family. I’ll tell you I went knowing I would get tips and tricks on drones and usage in a company. What I didn’t expect was the fire hose of real life on the ground and in the air information. And Diego’s marketing instruction blew my mind wide open. Thanks again for everything! I look forward to being your next success story. – Gaylan Buttars

I learned more than I imagined and everything I needed to start a business and do it well! I learned so much at this event, well worth the price. – Jason Kingston

It was so worth the money. The tips that will save my Drone, the marketing that get my business off the ground! The Drone Boss knows his stuff, the technical stuff we learned. The extensive Drone marketing concepts were very educational. – John Singleton

The Drone Command Seminar is an amazing comprehensive and marketing event anyone that flies drones and is passionate about it should not miss! – John Thompson

Damon Darnall absolutely provides the best introduction and training to folks who are new to drones and hungry for moe. Diego Rodriguez is a captivating, intelligent marketing genius. We were so lucky to have this insight into the exciting emerging Drone industry. – Keith Vaught

Damon & Diego are amazing entrepreneurs and great examples of how to get started. Very motivational and informative. Great personalities to help other succeed in their future. I was most impressed finding out about the different verticals (all the real ways to make money with Drones) and the marketing was incredible. Thank you!. – Mark Anderson

Attending Drone Command Live really inspired me and pushed me to seek this field of industry. I really enjoyed flying and the hands on experience with all the different brands of Drones. Also enjoyed how welcoming and friendly the staff was. – Michael Fast

It was well done, professional and very informative. All of the staff was friendly, attentive and helpful. I’m honored to be a part of the Sky Eye Network and I received enough knowledge, resources, and motivation to move forward with faith to succeed in this exciting industry. – Perry Renner

Drone Command Live is the perfect seminar for any Drone enthusiast who is ready to commit and start making money and better yet, BE THERE OWN BOSS! Diego’s marketing material is set for anyone to go out right after and start their business. – Preston Thygesen

If you know nothing about Drones, you have an opportunity to learn & fly with progression at this seminar. If you need a marketing system, you definitely get what you need to make a business grow. The things I enjoyed most at the training was the opportunity to fly different Drones. The extensive insight on specific Drone marketing and the personal time the instructors made to talk to us. – Randy Bishop

  • At Drone Command Live I was expecting to learn how to create a drone business, but this exceeded my expectations. All of the people involved with Drone Command Live are outstanding and helpful. During the whole event, I had more confidence and information on how to do this myself. Thank you! – Bill Rauscher, Dallas TX

  • I am a search engine Marketer and have a marketing degree and I thought The Drone Boss and Diego’s presentations and messages were superb. – Nan Stacy, Grand Prairie, TX
    • Super excited to start my own drone business due to attending Drone Command Live. I now have the tools to do so. Thank you Drone Boss and Diego! My dream will come true thanks to Drone Command Live! – Michael Henderson – Burleson, TX
    • I was incredibly impressed with the amount and level of business information given in this seminar. I am totally stoked about learning to fly and getting advanced flying tips here. – Paul Miller, Sweetwater, TX
    • I have been operating my drone business for 3 years. Now that I have attended Drone Command Live I feel I will be able to accelerate my success 10 fold and with the help and resources I received I am positioned for success. – Gregg Smith, Austin, TX
    • My hesitation about attending Drone Command Live was eliminated once the event started. I am soon excited about being a member of the Sky Eye Network! – Evans Risher, Ft Worth, TX
    • Drone Command Live was a well put together event. The event was informative, fun and professional. I highly recommend this event to anyone who is either serious about stepping into this industry or folks who are even the slightest bit interested in drones. Great event! – TJ Ratliff, Haslet, TX
    • Drone Command Live was well worth my time and money! I walked away with what I wanted to learn and more! – Robert Brown, Garland, TX
    • Drone Command Live was a well laid out and information packed event. I have been here 3 full days and was very informative to the final hour. I highly enjoyed my experience! – Allyn Wilson, Houston, TX
    • If you are interested in drones then “Drone Command Live” is an absolute MUST! – Dan Turner, Fairview, TX
    • Damon and Diego are the real deal. The training was awesome, priceless and most of all FUN! – Tom, Dallas, TX
    • Drone Command Live was very informative, professional and highly knowledgeable and entertaining speakers. – J.E. Fussell, Richardson, TX
    • If I had to describe Drone Command Live and this group of people with one word it would be “integrity.” Thanks guys and everyone who helped with Drone Command Live. – Chris Collier, Lockhart, TX
    • The Drone Boss and Diego were awesome! The education and inspiration they provided was awesome! I really enjoyed Drone Command Live and I am on board and starting my drone business and I am very excited to be on board! – Tony Wenzel, Fort Worth, TX
    • Drone Command Live was very well presented. The Drone Boss and Diego were very informative and kept each portion upbeat and exciting. I had a blast! – Shannon Spruill, Cisco, TX
    • Drone Command Live is a great school! Professionally done. I recommend this event to anyone interested in starting a drone business or remotely interested in drones. – Dewitt Wilson, Dallas, TX
    • I had reservations about Drone Command Live. I saw a YouTube ad, and am so glad I checked this event out. I definitely feel I have learned enough to start my own drone business! – Denton Watenpaugh, Denton, TX
    • Drone Command Live was an awesome experience! Damon and Diego are the best I have ever seen or heard presenting. The staff was also great and helpful! – Rick Stanford, Mineral Well, TX
    • Drone Command Live was an excellent event! I had never flown a drone prior to this. My wife and I are anxious to start our drone business together. Thank you Damon and Diego! See you at the October conference in Cancun! – Donovan Siebenaler, Arlington, TX
    • Great event and business and marketing education! Plus, The Drone Boss Rocks with detail and enthusiasm. – Samuel Peters, Dallas, TX
    • Artin – Getting all of my questions answered by the one and only Drone Boss was amazing. Getting a crash course in Drones and flying in such a short amount of time is a real huge deal, Believe me. Then clearing up all the confusion from A-Z for the business, marketing, and legal side. Thanks Drone Command Live.

    • Fidel – Awesome Seminar…… Well worth my 62 mile drive to the training each day. I really enjoyed the extensive marketing strategy & the hand on Drone flying experience.
    • Agusto – The Seminar was great. Damon and Diego plus all the mentors are true experts and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help, They are amazing!
    • Manuel – Drone Command Live ROCKS! The marketing strategies they teach are Phenomenal! They taught me to fly a drone for the first time and I’m Hooked. Plus I really enjoyed flying all the different types of Drones and meeting the incredible people already running drone businesses. Can’t recommend Drone Command Live enough!
    • Alvin – The Training for Drones and business marketing separately elsewhere easily would be several thousand of dollars. The value and the training of having both in the same room is PHENOMENAL!!! Damon an Diego are amazing trainers and will provide you with ALL the tools to be successful in your Drone business.
    • Nandika – I am so happy that I got the opportunity to meet the Drone Boss. I appreciate all his advice support and help that he is giving us as a community. He is truly an inspiration. Thank you Diego for sharing all your knowledge and know how on how to start and successfully market a business with a toy. Drone Command Live, I couldn’t have wished for more.
    • Hiroshz – Drone Command Live was a great experience & I could not have asked for better instructors & Speakers. Really motivating and informative.
    • Shane – Drone Command Live was an excellent introductory course for learning strategic and tactical methods to start and run a successful drone based business. I found the most valuable part was the the marketing information and business development also the detailed instruction of the drone operation and technology. Plus actual flying of the Drones.
    • Jason – Drone Command Live is a great value! These experts are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.
    • Karen – When I heard the Drone Command Live advertisement, I was skeptical that I would be prepared to operate a successful drone business after just 3 days. Not only was I armed with the tools to be successful, and able to operate a drone, I found the seminar to be a great value to any entrepreneur. Even if they choose not to purse the opportunities available in the Drone industry.
    • Eli – This was an amazing event that combined Knowledge and real world training from people who know the exploding Drone business. The detailed info on the FAA and the hands on flight training is what I enjoyed the most. Thank you Drone Command Live Team.
    • Daniel – Even thought I am an advance Drone Pilot. I still learned plenty from the Drone Boss, and the marketing techniques I learned from Diego I can apply to all of my businesses. I was impressed with all the content and the ability to approach Damon and Diego and carry a conversation with them about anything was my favorite part.
    • Ameer – As expected Damon did a masterful job education us about the FAA regulations. He and the very skillful flight instructors managed to provide valuable training to every participant from those fist-time operators to guys with years of experience flying drones. Lastly Diego managed to steal the show with incredible marketing knowledge. Definitely the best marketing training I’ve received at any conference, Period.
    • Olivia – Drone Command Live was an amazing event! I learned so much about launching a drone business and how to quickly become successful. The flight instructors did a fantastic job teaching me how to fly confidently. Everyone was so nice and down to earth. The learning sessions were entertaining and very informative. I am so glad I did not miss this incredible opportunity.
    • Frederic – Damon & Diego are expert speakers, motivators & extremely save in all aspect of the Drone industry. They admit this is not a get rich seminar & push you to think hard about what you really want out of this class. This Team provides all the confidence building tools to start your business immediately!
    • Ron – My business is aligned with videography and obviously seemed like a good match. It is an incredible idea originating event with networking and training included., So much more than an introductory event than I could have imagined. It was never boring and entertaining. Totally beyond my expectations.
    • Danno – Drone Command Live was an incredible experience. The knowledge and insights that were shared were beyond any expectations I had. I learned valuable strategies and methods to launch and advance my Drone business. One thing I really enjoyed was the energy and sharing factory. The crazy part is Drone Command Live gives you too many tools you can ONLY SUCCEED!
    • Michael – I was so impressed with how comprehensive the course was. Drone Command Live delivered specific and relevant and applicable information and skills both in Drone Operations and how to run a successful business. Thank you to the Drone Command Live team for hosting this industry leading event!
    • Drone Command Live is a MUST for anyone who wants to grow a professional business around their skills using their drone. Once you leave this event, the ONLY reason you don’t succeed is that you DON’T want to. – Sebastian McShane, Concord, NC
    • I was skeptical before attending. I am not now! Ready aim fire!  – Jon Stewart, Midland, NC
    • Drone Command Lives focus on building a successful business in the drone industry is meaningful and passionate. Drones are easy to fly these days but building any business is not. Having a significant amount of time spent in the seminar focused on building a successful drone business is appreciated and of great value to those just becoming entrepreneurs. – Chuck Hawks, Charlotte, NC
    • I am pleased to say I attended Drone Command Live. I truly love the idea, now reality of making money while having fun. It was absolutely worth the money attend this great event! – Thomas Parks, Cameron, NC
    • Drone Command Live has great info and worth all the time and money I spent! – Tim Border, NC
    • Drone Command Live is the best money I have spent in my life! I am so pumped right now that I have NO doubts that I WILL make a million dollars with my drone business. Yes, I said one million dollars! – Felix Medina, South Carolina
    • My personal opinion is that Drone Command Live is the BEST company and they are professional and helpful with helping everyone who wants to be their own boss. – Josh Morelaney, Charlotte, NC
    • The staff at Drone Command Live is very we’ll versed. They are most helpful. – Richard Forester, High Point, NC
    • The staff of Drone Command Live and SkyEye Network were all business and very heart centered people. The technical knowledge paired with the business opportunity was very straight forward and completely satisfied my expectations and I am very inspired. – Derek Burns, Greer, SC
    • Drone Command Live completely exceeded my expectations! I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding safely flying drones, marketing strategies. I am looking forward to all that SkyEye Network offers as I direct my own future by owning my own Drone Business! – Susan Campbell, Atlanta, GA
    • I was skeptical about coming to Drone Command Live, but Damon and Diego killed the presentation! Everything is so loaded with priceless information that you feel energized and with power to take over your business and your life. – Jorge Gomez, Charlotte, NC
    • Best money and time ever spent. – Robert Reznicek
    • Drone Command Live just changed my life! – Gerado Londone, Charlotte, NC
    • If you want to learn how to fly drones come to Drone Command Live. If you don’t know anything about marketing, Drone Command Live is the place to come. – Michael Curran, NC
    • Drone Command Live is a great seminar. It was very well put together and full of information. Great kick off to start your own drone business.  – Michael Witt, Asheville, NC
    • Diego is incredible at presenting material that is informative and exciting. Damon and all the staff at Drone Command Live truly care about people and make you feel like you are at home with family. – Bobby Midkiff, Winston-Salem NC
    • Drone Command Live is a great event, great people and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to being a part of SkyEye Network. – Dwight Morris, Clayton NC
    • Drone Command Live is an awesome program that is totally worth the money 10 times over. You will truly learn valuable input info for marketing your business. – Rafael Tudela, Georgia
    • The DroneBoss and Diego have the best information and training to get you started in your new career! Thank you guys! – Zac Garmer High Paint, NC
    • Drone Command Live was a great event with great, smart and caring people for presenters and staff. – Douglas Testerman, Hickory, NC
    • I honestly received more value than I expected at Drone Command Live. I hate my job, love photography and want to be an entrepreneur. This event provided excellent introduction to and hands on drone flying, photography and premier marketing advice tailored to aerial photography but is actually applicable to any business. Friendly staff who love what they do and a great community of people. – Mark, Georgia
    • Drone Command Live gives you a host of info you need to start immediately making money with your drone. Damon and Diego have opened my eyes up to the many applications where drones can be profitable that I had never thought of myself, and also gave me the tools to succeed in this industry. – James Rimmer, Mint Hill, NC
    • Drone Command Live was intensely informative – Justin Rawley, Winston-Salem, NC
    • The value of information I received at Drone Command Live FAR exceeded the cost to attend. – Lowell Markins II, South Carolina
    • Bill – I’ve owned & operated an aerial Photography business for 3 years and wish I had this training back then. I thought I knew everything and boy was I wrong. I know the stuff I learned over this past 3 days I’ll be able to increase my income by over $100,000 a year. Thank you guys for putting this together!
    • Bob – I got the most comprehensive package, training, and coaching that I have yet to see.Tony Robbins, Armand Moran, Brandon Bruchard, Shore Slocum, Joe Williams, and many many more…. all have been great, yet yours is as streamlined and most logical of anything I have seen to generate leads, to provide services that are in HIGH DEMAND!!! THANK YOU!
    • Kyle – I came to learn how to expand my drone business, and how to expand it the right way. I was blown away by the quality of speakers and the quality of their content. You could tell they spoke from experience in both their respective fields. This was not a bunch of theory.
    • Gus – As far as the 3-Day training, I really enjoyed all of it. I didn’t expect the incredible Marketing presentations. This was flat out amazing and way exceeded my expectations.
    • David – Many seminars provide a big thoroughfare and you needed to attend with little knowledge obtained for the time spent. I actually enjoyed all 3 days and thought the information was on point coming from D&D the dynamic duo. I’ve been in the technology arena for 30+ years and running and starting a business is not new to me. The challenge is having the right blueprint and the support network to get started and maintain momentum. I see everyone that attended as potential resources to leverage once my capacity to deliver is exceeded. The networking, in my opinion, was invaluable. You don’t feel like you are taking a leap on your own and the build confident to proceed and to be successful.
    • Robert – I have attended many many seminars and workshops of all kinds. From the Late Zig Ziglar to Anthony Robbins and Frank Kern to Traffic Geyser and no event have I ever attended where not only attendees obtained applicable knowledge and resources to create their own business in a matter of days or weeks. Second, this SKY EYE organization is extremely TIMELY and NECESSARY to create and implement standards of conduct and operation of drones, thus certificates of completions of levels of proficiency. The government has no idea of how to handle the need and SKY EYE is filling that need with CERTIFICATIONS of competence that will ensure the safe and proper use of drones for business or fun.
    • Michael – Drone Command was much more than I ever expected it to be. I came in focused on learning how I could make money with my Drone, by figuring out how to work around the confusion of the FAA Regulations, and misinformation that exists. I got all that and a lesson in how to Market, what I know is going to be an Industry with unlimited possibilities in the very near future. They helped me see the potential I knew was there, and showed me a path to achieving it.
    • Allen – This event was way better than I ever Imagined. I can’t believe everything I have gotten out of this. I think Clint (the professional Drone operator for 6 years) summed it up best. You have no idea how lucky you are because in 3 days you learned what took me 6 years and thousands of dollars to learn. Plus all the specific Drone marketing. It should be 10 times the cost.
    • Richard – Drone Command Live is a MUST! I enjoyed it ALL. It was an awesome and very professionally run event. Quite possibly the best event that I have ever attended. Diego and Damon were both outstanding speakers. I think what I most enjoyed about the event was the fact that both Diego and Damon were genuinely interested in my success running a Drone Business.
    • William – I decided to go to Drone Command Live because it has been one of my passions for a few years and I couldn’t see it not being worth at least $499 for three days of info on drone business.
    • Rick – This was an AMAZING event. It was the BEST event I have ever attended. I am 62 years old and have always been very skeptical of spending hard earned money to attend seminars and events as I have most always been disappointed. But please let this ol’ Texas boy tell you that this event was well worth the money. Actually, knowing what I know now… they could have charged a WHOLE lot more for it and I would be the first to have signed up. EVERY piece of information presented by Diego and Damon was relevant to marketing your business and flying your drone… and best of all.. to making money in your Drone Business. They made it a FUN three days. So please, if you have a desire to fly drones and make money at the same time… YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT…. It is an AWESOME three days.
    • Al – Tough to say what I liked more. The in room classes were very energized and excited… the hands on flying were a lot of fun and full of discoveries. The fact that I went into the training just to “learn how to fly” and came out with a whole New Perspective about the world of drones and their amazing business possibilities made it even better. The personal touch that all of the Drone Command members gives to each one of us, it’s something I have never experience before on any training class of any type…and to top it off the dinner at the end of the training consolidate the relationship that was established with the Drone Command. I feel part of a team… part of of a great group of friends… I feel sure that moving forward I have a team behind me helping me to be successful… Gracias!


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