Meet Damon Darnall, the Drone Boss!

Damon Darnall, aka the Drone Boss, is the founder of the Sky Eye Network. The Drone Boss has over 25 years of experience flying Drones and has logged over 10,000 Drone flight hours. He has set 2 world records and competed in numerous National and World competitions. He is currently hosting “Drone Command Live” seminars all over America, helping new Drone Operators start successful and profitable businesses using their drones.

On this website, you will find information related to Drones and the operation of drones. The Drone Boss is dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to know to operate a drone safely and also build a profitable business using drones.

We look forward to providing you with drone reviews on everything from the DJI Inspire, to the Phantom 4, the Osmo, the 3DR Solo, Yuneec Drones, and everything else.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the FREE Drone Resources that the Drone Boss has made available to you by clicking on the link above. Thank you again for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you one day at a live drone event.


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